Журнал Известия ВГПУ
Russian version SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL ISSN 1999-3455

About the Journal

The Journal "Physical Culture and Health" was founded in 2004. Its printed version index is 3455 according to the catalogue numbering International Standard Serials ISSN 1999; it has index number 18414 in the Catalogue of "Rospechat" Agency. "Physical Culture and Health" Journal is also listed among the journals recommended by VAK. Information about published in the Journal articles is presented in RSCI (Russian Science Citation Index) system mastiff (contract №22-05/08, 22 May 2008).

"Physical Culture and Health" Journal is registered in Central - Chernozem Department of the Federal Service for Supervision of Legislation in Mass Communications and Protection of Cultural Heritage (registration number PI TU 36-00430 February 24, 2014).

The founders (co-founders) of the Journal

1) Federal State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education "Voronezh State Pedagogical University" (394043, Voronezh, Lenina st., 86);

2) Lotonenko Andrey Vasilievich (394087, Voronezh, Morozova st., 29 A, m. 79).

Journal publishers

1) Scientific Methodological Council for Physical Culture under the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation;

2) Voronezh State Pedagogical University.

The Journal is published in its hard copy in a printed form and it comes out with the periodicity of 4 issues per year. It has an electronic full-text version, which is identical to the content of the printed form and posted on the Internet after the release of the current issue at the following URL: http://www.elibrary.ru, http://www.kultura-fiz.vspu.ac.ru.

The Journal "Physical Culture and Health" is a peer-reviewed journal.

The main purpose of the publication is the publication of original research articles covering the problems of the theory and methods of physical education. Contributions placed in the Journal reflect the educational, philosophical, sociological, historical, psychological and legal aspects of physical culture and sports. They are placed under the headings of the Journal such as physical education, sports, sports medicine, motor recreation, physical rehabilitation, adaptive physical culture, sports law, social protection of athletes and coaches, etc. Headings correspond to the scientific direction of the journal: 13.00.00 - Pedagogical Science; 12.00.00 - Legal Sciences; 14.02.00 - Biomedical Science.


Catalog of the Agency "Rospechat", the index is 18414.