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Russian version SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL ISSN 1999-3455

For Authors

The requirements for materials, imposed for publication in the Journal "Physical Culture and Health" are described below. These requirements must be observed by all authors, for non-compliance of an article described below rules editors reserve the right to refuse publication.


1) The article must contain original material, never before published, and meet the following criteria: scientific novelty, practical importance, profile.

2) The beginning of this article must include: the author's preferred category, title, initials and names of authors, academic degrees and titles, the name of the organization where the work was done, city, country, keywords.

3) Scientific papers should consist of sections: "Introduction", "Methods and organization studies", "Results and discussion", "Conclusion" ("Conclusions"), "Literature". Methodological materials, as teaching and biomedical orientation, should consist of an introduction, practical advice, scientific or experimental basis, a list of references. Section practical advice such articles is at least 75% of the total. Article being discussed and journalistic nature to the headings "Welcome to the debate", "Advice", etc. can be made in any form.

4) The tables should strive to be as brief titles graph, does not give values ​​easily deduced from the available (for example, the difference or percentage), does not prevent the reduction of words, does not duplicate data described in the text. Table desirably is formated to entire width of the page.

5) Charts, diagrams and plans should be made in any vector graphics (CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, AutoCAD), used the font Arial. Also allowed plotting (but not diagrams and drawings) of Word and Excel. Photos and pictures of good quality can be attached to the paper (300 dpi), illustrating the experiments.

6) References should be arranged alphabetically according to the rules of bibliographic description of GOST 7.1-2003. Also, a list of references should be submitted in English in accordance with the Russian plan. References in the text are given in square brackets in line with the numbers bibliography. The author takes responsibility for the accuracy of the information in the list of references is.

7) Each original article must be preceded by a brief summary and keywords in English and Russian languages. The authors are responsible for the accuracy and quality of translation, which should be executed person who knows English and not the computer system translation.

8) The manuscript should include the date of writing, full names and surname of the authors, and brief information about them, company name, city, postal address, telephone and mandatory e-mail of each author. Quality portrait photography of the first author must be attached to the paper by (if you wish, several authors), photo are attached vertically oriented individual graphic file (tiff, jpg) with a resolution of 1280 by 960 pixels (this takes 1.5-megapixel digital camera) .

9) The scope of Article is 5 p. A4, decorated on the following rules. This volume includes name, text, tables, figures, and references.

10) File format with the manuscript is MS Word, right field is 1 cm, all the rest is 2 cm, font Times New Roman, headline, body text, bibliography is pins 14. The entire text is through the half interval.

11) Articles are accepted only by e-mail. The title of the article should contain a file name of the first author and the date of writing. Upon receipt of the edited article to the email address to which reference has been made, its acceptance for publication or rejection in the case of non-compliance of an article with the above requirements will be notified. Be careful about reading your mail.

12) Submitted by the authors of the manuscript is going to the members of the editorial board for review - scientists and experts in the corresponding field (Dr., PhD).

Review of scientific journal articles, presented in the list of VAK RF, carried out on a basis of the decision of the Presidium of the VAK RF.

Not reviewed: articles of members of the Russian Academy of Sciences, if the member of the Academy is the only or is the first of the authors of the publication; article recommended for publication by the Federal Agency for Physical Culture and Sports, the President's Council on Physical Culture (reports issued in the form of articles); articles of members of the editorial board, if the article is not written in collaboration.

Editorial board and author are responsible for the content of the article and accuracy of the provided information.

Peer-review policy and publication:

1. All manuscripts are peer-reviewed. The editor-in-chief defines the compliance of the article with the scientific journal specialisation as well as with manuscript requirements and forwards the article to an editorial board member for peer-review. All editorial board members are acknowledged experts on the subjects of peer-reviewed manuscripts and have corresponding publications in the last 3 years.

2. Peers are notified that the manuscripts for peer-review are copyright property and contain highly confidential information. Peers are forbidden from making copies of the articles or using them to advantage. Peer-review is confidential.

3. Copies of peers' references are forwarded to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation by the editorial board on request.

4. The peer-review term is specified in each instance. The minimal peer-review term, i.e. between the manuscript (version) receipt date and the editorial board decision, is one month.

5. The reference outlines: a) the compliance of the article with its title and annotation; b) evaluation of the urgency and novelty of the manuscript; c) the degree of scholarly importance of the material; d) the necessity of publication; d) description of strengths and shortcomings of the article. In the ultimate part of the referee report a decision is made to publish the article, to improve it or give a substantiated refusal.

6. The editorial board forwards copies of referee reports or a substantiated refusal to the authors.

7. If the referee report contains recommendations on correction and reviewing the article, it is directed to the author who is notified of possible corrections in a new version of the article. The author can also express his reasoned disagreement. A modified article is then returned to the editorial board.

8. A repeated reviewer's refusal of the manuscript involves its modification and forwarding it to another peer.

9. The final decision on the publication of the article is made by the editor-in-chief of the journal in tandem with the series editor.

10. References remain deposited in the Graphic Design and Publishing Centre as well as at the editor's office for 5 years.


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