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Russian version SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL ISSN 1999-3455

Physical culture and health. - 2018. - Vol. 66. - Issue 2.

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Content of the Journal:

Physical Education
Alekseev S. V., Bariev M.M., Gosteva S. R., Gostev G. R., Sattarov N. G. The legal field of physical culture and sports in the educational space of the Russian Federation p.7-13
Imangulov R.S., Bolotnikov A.A., Mugattarova E.R., Abdrashitova L.R. Analysis of factors of economic efficiency of use of physical culture and sports p.14-16
Uimanova Ir.P., Zharinov Yu. Al., Pereverzeva Al. Ig., Dilmukhametova R. H. Modern organizational and methodological bases of the educational process of the discipline "Physical education and sports" in the system of higher education p.17-18
Shutkin S.N., Nedosekin A.N., Georgieva M. P., Kuznetsov B.V. The chair of physical culture and sports, as the center of physical-improving and sports-mass work with a variable and a constant staff of the institute (on the example of Voronezh institute of state fire service of Emerson of Russia) p.19-22

Voronkov A.V., Nikulin I.N., Hodeev D.A., Ogly R.M. The main trends in the strength training of highly skilled armwrestlers p.23-24
Semerikov S. K., Litmanovich Ar. V. Motor errors in the process of mastering the technology of archery college students at the stage of initial learning p.25-27
Tkacheva O.I., Evdokimova A.B. Effect of vestibular stability of athletes at the performance the performances in gymnastics p.28-30
Bulanova El.V., Osipov V. G. Static stability of the mice of the taza region and the method of its increase in girls students p.31-32
Ogandzhanov Al. L., Galutina Ek. N., Kosygin V. P. Comparative analysis of traditional and experimental techniques of the control of the special physical podgotovlennosti-jumpersp.33-36
Makarova E.V., Makarov A.L. Research of engine and functional indicators of students in groups of sports improvement p.37-39
Rogozhnikov М.А., Safonovа О.А., Caravan A.V. Preparation of students of engineering profile for service in the Russian foreign af-fairs with thecquondo products p.40-43
Rivlin Al. Al., Legotin S. D., Unruhen Eu. A. Central position as the basis of alpine skiing p.44-49
Vishnjakov A.V., Kashkarov V. A., Frolova T.S. Work-out session planning of high-skilled taekwondo sportsmen during competition multipicked system p.50-52

Sports training
Dvorkin L. S., Dushko Ol. Iv., Lisitsa An.Y. Methodology development of the powerful possibilities of young attels 12-13-summer age on the basis of combination isometric and dynamic stresses p.53-56
Volkov V.K., Kozlov V.I., Kramskoy S.I., Yakusheva O. А. Organization of thinking at sportsmen p.57-59
Stepanova M. E. The structure of technique of performing forehand in the process of initial training in tennis p.60-62
Kochanov D.L. Improvement of individual technical-tactical actions in volleyball defense with the use of training devices p.63-64

All-Russian sports complex "GTO"
Filimonova Y.B., Andryushenko L.B., Filimonova S.I., Averyasova Y.O., Sabirova I.A. Realization of the VFSC" GTO" in the educational space of physical culture and sports of non-specialized high schools p.65-67
Boldyrev Ig. Iv., Stebletsov Ev.An. Optimization of preparing children to pass the swim test VFSC" GTO" first-stage p.68-70
Voronkov A.V., Nikulin I.N., Revina Y.A., Grebtsova A.A., Valiev S.K. On the issue of strength training for young men aged 16-17 taking into account the requirements of the GTO complex tests p.71-72
Fursov A. V., Sinyavskiy N. I., Dmitrieva E. V., Glukhova M. Y. Students' physical preparation estimation based on GTO complex standards p.73-75

Рrofessional training
Limarenko O.V., Kokova E.I., Kravchuk A.I. Formation of professional interest to the pedagogical activity at students of "Physical culture" p.76-81
Zenkova T.An. The ratio of students of railway universities to professional self-education p.82-84
Kostikova L.G., Kovaleva O.S., Mal'tseva M.A., Polozkova I.V. The issue of professional activity of technical university students p.85-86

Physical education of students
Sheveleva Ir.N., Melnikova Ok.A., Fadina Ol. Ol., Emmert M.S., Skripnikov P.Аl. The use of interval training in physical education of students majoring in military related fields at a technical universities p.87-89
Safonova, J. B., Sheveleva I. N., Melnikova O. A., Mamoshina I. N. Especially strength training in the prevention of violations of reproductive health of students p.90-92
Serova T. V., Solodyannikov V. А., Liuk L. V. The results of the study before and after the use of fitness in physical education classes at the university (according to the survey) p.93-96
Tretyakov A.A., Gavrishova E.V., Grachev A.S. Adaptation of students to educational process in educational institutions of the ministry of interior p.97-99
Bushma T.V., Zuikova E.G., Volkova L.M. Creative self-realization of students in the classroom aerobics p.100-102
Shakirova Ju.V., ZhikhorevaV.A., Mavrina S. B., Kruglova Yu.V. Evaluation of the effectiveness of educational programs in improving physical fitness of students p.103-106
Sveshnikov Ir.Al., Korshikov V. M. Kinematic structure of the running stride of first-year students of institute of physical culture p.107-109

Physical education of schoolchildren
Stamova L. G., Nazirova A. A., Nikiforova T. Yu., Anoshkina N. L. Fitness-aсrobika in the system of physical and health rehabilitation of adolescent girls p.110-111
Volkova N. L. The conjugacy effects of the physical culture of anaerobic and aerobic focus on reduce body fat mass in schoolchildren p.112-114

Sports medicine, physical recreation and AFC
Samodai V. G., Kachalov M. V. Clinical assessment of a new low-invasive way of a reinsertion of a distal biceps tendon of brachium p.115-118
Firileva J. E., Ponomarev G. N. Educational technology as a means of physical rehabilitation for persons with stroke p.119-122
Danilov M.S., Levenkov A.E. The relationship between heart and skeletal muscle during exercise p.123-124
Makeeva V. S., Barkalov S. N., Gerasimov I. V. Dynamics of indicators of the blood circulatory system and physical development of cadets of the higher educational institution of the ministry of the interior of Russia, profile of traffic police p.125-127
Kalinina Ir. N., Booth Ig. Al. Variability of the heart rhythm of bicycle-scooters with a different type of self-regulation of the circulation p.128-132
Kalosha Al. Iv., Rudin M. V., Peshkova N. V., Gurova El. S., Litvin F. B. Features of heart rate variability in rest and in orthostasis athletes in competitive monocycle p.133-135
Volkova L. M., Mitenkova L. V., Golubev A. A., Zuikova E. G. The development of vestibular stability future specialist civil aviation p.136-138
Razinof Yu. I., Mikhaylov N. G., Krotova A. A. Physical culture of preschool children with speech disorders p.139-141
Ovsyannikova V. V., Kuznetsov S. I., Zyazina V. O. Problems of thromboemboly of pulmonary artery at present time p.142-145
Kartisheva S. I., Kordenko A. N., Goncharova I. G. Problems of organization of health protection in educational institutions p.146-148
Mishenko I. A., VolynskayaE. V., Petkevich A. I. Psychophysical health of students and the means of its correction in the conditions of inclusive education p.149-151

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