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Physical culture and health. - 2018. - Vol. 66. - Issue 2.

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Content of the Journal:

Series: Pedagogical Science (science 13.00.04)

The space of physical culture and sports

Solovev G.M., Kashin S.N. Some relevant aspects of the physical culture theory p.3-5
Jusupov R.A., Akishin B.A., Golovina V.A. The new paradigm of physical education of students is study or training process p.6-8
Tazieva Z. N. Socialization of freshmen students in a technical university by means of physical culture and sports p.9-11
Korolev An.S., Golovchanov S. V., Kochergin V.V. Cluster approach as a technology of the formation of the social and active position of a student - a future teacher of physical culture p.12-13
Nurdygin Ev. Al., Ryzhkin N. V., Nemtsеva El.V. Development of physical culture and sport in the soviet Russia in the middle of 1920th p.14-16
Bakhtina T.N., Kazakova V. M. International scientific and practical conference "Physical culture, sport, tourism: innovative projects and advanced practices" dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the basis of the department of physical education REU im. G.V. Plekhanov ''(theoretical analysis) p.17-19

Physical culture and sport
Dvorkina N.I., Kamfenkel O.R., Dmitrichenko E.M. Physical training of schoolboys 10-11 classes for military service based on athletic gymnastics p.20-23
Bortnikova S.A., Monastyrev S. N. Development of physical qualities of preschool children on the basis of introduction in educational process of system and game approaches p.24-26
Volkova L. M. Swimming training for the development statokinetic sustainability students p.27-29
Fiapshev Iz. Al., Kardanov Ug.K., Zherokov Z. Al., Chechenov B.K., Dankeeva El. Vl., Dankeeva V.Ol. The role of classes elective courses in physical culture in the formation of a healthy lifestyle of students p.30-32
Gansburgskiy M. А. Functional, physical and technical preparation of university students at the stage of initial training to tennis p.33-35
Oleinik Y.V. Game and playing activities in the development of the creative abilities of children of 10-12 years in the process of working with the physical culture p.36-38
Dorontsev A.V., Kozlyatnikov O.A. Interrelation of levels of development of educational modules and physical fitness at students of the medical universities p.39-41
Astafiev K. A. To the question of educational students training of the FSIP institutions of Russia to run for 2000 m. p.42-44
Strizhanov Al. Vyach., Sabirova Ir. Al. Optimization of fire training of cadets and listeners of educational organizations of the MIA of Russia p.45-47
Nastuyev E.B. Improvement of technical and tactical bases of painful methods of fight of students of the educational organizations of the ministry of internal affairs of the Russian Federation p.48-49
Gubzhokov A.Kh. Organizational aspects of physical training north Caucasian institute of professional development of police officers of Russia p.50-51
Safonova Ok. Al., Caravan Al.V., Germanova Al. An. Development of motor qualities by means of power endurance p.52-53

Health-saving technologies in the space of physical culture
Derevlev S.K., Mikhaylova E.I., Mikhaylov N.G., Derevlevа E.B. Structure of the sports and recreational stage of preparation of young athletes p.54-56
Grets Ir. An., Zhivutskaya Ir. An., Bulkova T. M. Peculiarities of diseases and psychophysical condition of women of the second period of mature age p.57-59
Sokolovskaia S. V., Sokolovsky S. V., BakharevIu. A., Kashirina A. O., Zebzeev V.V. Integrated approach to the assessment of the health of the elderly: a study of the influence of physical activity on cognitive abilities p.60-63
Strelkova YA.., Amurskaya О.V., Arseenko Е.А., Zhilina L.V., Morozova Е.А. Formation of health-oriented direction in training initial classes through introduction of the VFSK "GTO" complex p.64-66
Sinyavskiy N. Iv., Fursov Al. V., Sadykov R. Il., Sinyavskiy N. N., Davydova S. Al. Investigation of schoolchildren's physical readiness to realize the norms of all Russian athletic civil defense squads complex p.67-69
Shestakov F.F., Kuznetsov I.V., Fomina U. G. Physical recreation theme in the works of Pushkin p.70-72
Chastikhin A. A., Poluyan A. V. Modern tendencies of practice-oriented training of military sports training p.73-76
Kanukoev A.M. Safety measures and injury prevention during the educational organizations of the ministry of internal affairs of the Russian Federation p.77-78
Muratova Ir. V., Danilova N.V. Correction of overweight students p.79-81
Filippova S. N., Matveev Yu. Al., Melkadze Ot.V. Transformation of physical education paradigm in high school based on new principles of educational process management p.82-86

Galuchin R.M., Mikhaylov N.G. The study of the biomechanics of jumping exercises sportsmen of high qualification p.87-90
Salamatov M. B., Stepanov M. Yu. Analysis of the means directed on formation of a shock action used in the preparation of young boxers p.91-93
Sabirova Ir. Al., Bitiutskikh Iv. Vl., Yaroshevich Ig. Nik., Nasonov Al.Ev., Tyutin St. Ser. The use of factor analysis for assessing competitive activity in kickboxing p.94-96
Orlova Ly.T., Pozhimalin V.N., Grushina An.Yu. The development of female skiers have flexibility-gonshhic cadets and listeners in higher education in group sports improvement p.97-99
Yazynina N. L., Zharova Ok. Yu., Barkov S. V. Program-methodical study of training process of children of 12-15 years doing vsestilevoe karate at the stage of sports specialization p.100-102
Abdullayeva A. M., Gaevskaya O. V. The development of coordination abilities in young gymnasts in training exercises on a balance beam p.103-105
Klinov A. I. Development of the speed-power training of young football players 10-12 years p.106-107
Zinnaturov A.Z. Options of the organization of the training process of boxers p.108-110
Ivanova N.P., Nikitina A.P. The analysis of the performance of spotsmenov-studentov in summer poliathlon (quadrathlon) p.111-113
Sysoev A.V., Sukhanova E.V., Gorlova S.N. Quantitative evaluation of organized attacks attacks to basketball players of student leagues p.114-115

Information technologies in physical culture
Baluev S. An. The use of information and communication technologies in the organization of physical education lessons with elements of freestyle wrestling p.116-118
Yahutlova Em. B., Fiapshev Iz. Al., Abazov Z. V., Kishev Ah. Z., Chechenov B. K. Topical issues of the use of information technology in the teaching of physical culture in high school p.119-121
Fedorov M.G., Fedorova N.Yu., Ulitin I.Bor. Information technology in draughts p.122-124

Psychological and pedagogical support of motor activity
Drozdova M. S., Filimonova S.Iv., Andryushchenko Li. B., Almazova Yu. B., Averyasova Ju.Ol. Problems of maskulinization of athletes conditional male sports and ways to overcome them p.125-128
Nikishkin V.А., Bumarskova N. N., Savkiv T. G. Psychology of game sports in the context of the result home and exit competitions p.129-133
Troeva M. Il., NakhodkinV. V. Psychological aspect of amateur running p.134-138
Ankundinov N.V.,Zliai'kidi A.A., Puzyrevsky R.V., Dazmarov N. M., Gurskiy A.V., Arkanov Yu.M. Peculiarities of psychological maintenance of training the athletes specializing in universal fight p.139-141
Dottuyev T.I. Concept of training in fighting methods of fight of staff of department of internal affairs of Russia p.142-143
Afov A.Kh. Ways of improvement of skills of the shock equipment of staff of bodies of internal affairs of the Russian Federation p.144-145
Yakovlev V.V. The influence of physical activity on the level of stress experienced as one of the indicators of adaptive capacity of the body of a first-year cadet p.146-148
Boldyrev I.I., Stebletsov E.A., Egorshina E.A. Monitoring motivation of teenagers' attitude to the realization of the GTO p.149-151
Alypov Al.G. Research methods readiness to the choice of sport activity in adolescents p.152-154

Biomedical Science(the branch of science 14.03.11)
Regenerative medicine, sports medicine, physiotherapy, balneology and physiotherapy
Kartisheva S.I., Goncharova I.G., Kuvshinova N. M. Monitoring of the reproductive attitudes of students of the pedagogical university p.155-156
Zaporozhtsev E.V., Selitrenikovа T.A. Aspects of the development of methods of physical rehabilitation of schoolchildren with diseases of the cardiovascular system p.157-160
Kodzokov A.Kh. Adaptation to physical training of staff of bodies of internal affairs of the Russian federation when forming professional and applied skills p.161-162

Kramskoy S.I., Amelchenko I.A. Physical education and sport: innovative directions and constructive approach p.163-165

The memory of Michael Vilensky р.166


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