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Russian version SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL ISSN 1999-3455

Physical culture and health. - 2016. - Vol. 56. - Issue 1.

Electronic version of the Journal: fizkultura_2016_v56_N1.pdf

Content of the Journal:

Sports law
Gostev R. G., Alekseev S. V., Ustinovich E. S., Federal and regional legislation in the sphere of physical culture and sport: problems and prospects
Filimonova S.I., Stolov I.I., Lotonenko A.A., The dialectics of regulatory training sports reserve

All-Russian sports complex TRP
Bogacheva E.V., Baryshnikova O.G., Lotonenko V.N Health improving aerobics as facility of preporation for passing the GTO standarts by female students
Germanov G.N., Korolkov A.N., Tsukanova E.G., Mashoshina I.V., Ilyin M.A., Gornostayeva Yu.V., Validity of norms in uniform all-russian sports classification: to the norm analysis of results in women's 400-metre hurdles

Nikitin S. N., Sushchenko V. P., Gorelov A. A., Zverev V. D., Nosov N. F., Alekseev A. A., Kinesiology – at the turn of the century
Sim I. A. Kulkova I. V., Kovaleva N. V., Magun T. Ya., The use of complex coordinated exercise to stimulate cognitive functions
Aksarin I.V., Identify indicators of coordination abilities of young basketball players of 10-12 years taking into account the profile of the functional asymmetry
Zagrevskaya A.I. The concept of sports education of students on the basis of a kinesiological approach
Koltoshova T.V., Cherdantseva G.V., Rationale for tne prevention of functional disorders and diseases of tne spine in tne physical education of students in tne context of kinesiology approach

The innovative technology of physical culture
Kuzmin V.G., Ulitin I.B., Ulitin B.I. The application of innovative information technologies in the sphere of modern physical culture and sports
Krotova V.Y. Pedagogical conditions of physical education of preschool children

Physical education in Universities
Vilensky M.Y. Sociocultural determinants of the increase of educational potential of students
Gilev G. A., Komlev M. A., Maksimov N.E., Chernov Yu.I. Physical training of students has to become the base of their health on all subsequent life
Voronov Yu.S., Sevastyanov V.V., Algorithm for estimating the level of maturity of professional-applied physical culture competences of students of agrarian specialties in universities
Chernyaev V.V., Drepin V.V., Pedagogical conditions of development of statistical endurance of students of pedagogical universit
Nikitin S.N., Gorenko V.V., Chernov A.Y., Trufanov Y.N., Impact wrestling on intellectual characteristics of students
Kramskoy S.I., Amelchenko I.A., Kramskoy I.S., Sports activities in the context of the formation of students' health (BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov is the example)
Panfilov O.P., Borisova V.V., Dubrovin V.A., "Antroposportkultura" as basis of training of the expert in physical culture

Physical culture in school
Loginov V.V., Nain A.A. The formation of socio-psychological adaptation in the process physical education students
Tumentsev V. M., The development of physical qualities in students

Filimonova S.I., Sabirova I.A., Zhigalovà Î., The output in the new millennium-metapragmatic approach as an alternative of the training process
Rumba O.G., Karpenko L.A., Nigmatulina J.R. Analysis of musical accompaniment for competition programs on artistic and rhythmic gymnastics in the period of 2000-2015
Podskrebysheva N.P., Shcherbin D.V., Goncharov V.M., Konik À.À. Load intensity optimization optimizing in the process of physical training health improvement classes
Gorelov A.A., Shtamburg I.N., Yakovlev G.A., On actualization of the problem of teaching military men speed-swimming in army and navy uniforms
Nikitushkin V.G., Alkhasov D.S., Trends in the development of sports training and traditional and martial arts in the country
Baybakova T.V., Optimization of training means when forming technical and tactical actions of streetball players
Filatov V.V., Evaluation physical and technical readiness of young hockey players 7 years
Oganjanov A.L., Lomov A.A. Control the effectiveness of phase landing in long jump and technique of its improvement

Sports medicine, physical recreation and AFC
EEvseev S.P., Abalyan A.G., Kuzmichev V. A., Features of the test of functional training paralympic athletes with the use of step-increasing load
Galkin Yu. Ð., Paletsky D.F., Bulkova T.M., Komacheva O.A., Features of the using of different forms and means of physical recreation by working people
Lotonenko A. V., Molodykh Y. S., Physical recreation in space physical culture university
Kulkova I.V., Ripa M.D., Kuvshinov S.V. The organization fizkulturno-sports work in Special (correctional) school (for example SKOSHI type VIII ¹ 81 of Moscow)
Rakhmatov A.I., Mashoshina I.V., Germanov G.N., Korolkov A.N., Sports and spectacular forms of national games in technologies of the organization of motive activity of school students
Kaysin A.S., Suvorov V.O., Interval hypoxic training as a non-specific restore physical performance of military personnel of crews of nuclear submarines
Grachev A.S., Korukovets A.P., Nikitin A.A For optimum duration of the game exercises without means of optical correction visually impaired students
Shavenzova A.A., Develop representations about healthy lifestyles in primary school children
Polozkova I.W., Background of core competencies of applied physical education students, free of practical training using case method
Strelkov Y.A., Klimova V.K., Drogomeretskiy V.V., Tretyakov A.A., Sports and recreation classes for disabled persons of different nosological groups


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