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Russian version SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL ISSN 1999-3455

Physical culture and health. - 2015. - Vol. 55. - Issue 4.

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Content of the Journal:

Sports law
Alekseev S.V., Bariev M.M., Gostev R.G. Physical culture and sport: sources of normative regulation in the modern period

All-Russian sports complex TRP
A. V. Minayev Implementation of complex TRP

To the memory of academician D. I. Feldstein
Gorelov A.A., Grigorovich L.A., Rumba O.G. Childhood as a special spatial - temporal substance growing inclusion of man to the world of adults (socialization and individualization) in the context of fundamental ideas of academician D. I. Feldstein (In memory of a colleague, a scholar, a great Sage, Teacher)

Psychological and pedagogical aspects of physical culture
Filimonova S.I., Stolov I.I., Lotonenko A.A., Klimova O.S. Forming the determinants of the space of physical culture and sports for self-realization
Ponomarev G.N. Creating accessible educational environment by means of physical culture within the system of higher education
Mudraya Î.P., Tkacheva N.N. Motivational value component as intention orientation in the structure physical culture of the individual student

Physical education in Universities
Vilensky M.Y. Priority directions of physical education development in universities
Shapayev Ya.V., Pleshakov A.N., Kulikov I.P., Nikitin S.N. Technique of training of young volleyball players in the protective actions
Shevchuk O.A., Sova A.C., Borzikh S.E. Reorganization of educational pedagogical process as a method of increase of efficiency of preparation of the military expert
Kublanov A.M. General representation about person - business qualities the modern teacher of high school

Kashkarov V.A., Mishchenko I.A., Vishnyakov A.V. Control features of highly qualified taekwondoists adaptation to the training loads in the midlands
Belaid Modjahed, Selitrenikova T.A. Improving the competitive activity of the soccer players on the basis of the integral method of training

Voronov Yu.S., Sevastyanov V.V. Sport orienteering in professional training of future workers of agrarian specialties

Sports kinesiology
Tsipin L.L. Features of cyclic exercise in natural and laboratory conditions
Bugaev V.G., Stebletsov E.A. Multifunctional educational research complex for study of processes of interaction human based

Sports medicine, physical recreation and AFC
Evseev S.P., Evseeva O.E. Theoretical problems adaptivnogo sport at the present stage
Orekhov E. F., Kolomiets O.I., Bykov E.V. The health of student-athletes and modernization of training for the industry of physical culture and sports
Dvorkina N.I., Dvorkin L.S. TSexual dimorphism in the rate of development of physical qualities of children 3-6 years
Germanov G.N., Nikitushkin V.G., Kozlov V.I., Romanova Yu.V. Adaptive opportunities of the organism of students with different type of haemodynamics taking into account seasons of year
Kartisheva S.I. The impact of insufficient physical activity on the state of the main physiological systems of organism of schoolchilds
Kuznetsov S.I., Zyazina V.O., Volodina O.P., Borodina L.A., Simvolokova N.A., Skripkina N.V. Creating a healthy lifestyle
Tolstykh A.L., Kuznetsova V.P. Treatment of fresh dislocations of the shoulder
Nikitushkin V.G., Kulkova I.V. Planning educational process for physical education visually impaired students 4 classes
Barmin G.V., Korolev P.Y., Begidova T.P. On the development direction of the special olympics program in the Voronezh region


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