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Russian version SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL ISSN 1999-3455

Physical culture and health. - 2016. - Vol. 57. - Issue 2.

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Content of the Journal:

Sports law
Gostev R. G., Alekseev S. V. Management of international sports movement

All-Russian sports complex TRP
Vilensky M.Y. Mechanisms of motivational-value attitude of students to the development of complex TRP in the educational process
Prokofeva D.D. Standards TRP and the search for a new ideology in Russia
Fursov А.V., Sinyavsky N.I. The experience of using online technologies in preparing students to fulfill the standards of the all - Russian sports complex "Ready for labor and defense"

Nikiforov N. V., Nikitin S. N., Nosov N. F., Chernov A. U. Kinesiology (Moveactivity) of sports fight

The innovative technology of physical culture
Filimonova S.I., Stolov I.I., Korolkov A.N., Stolov I.I. Relationship of quantitative and qualitative indicators in the preparation of sports reserve at different stages in sports schools of Russia
Gaevskaya O.V. The formation of readiness of students for work in children's and youth sports school
Konovalova G. N., Poymanov V.P. Gender deformations in sport space
Dyachenko N.A., Safonova O.A., Germanova A.A. Development professional and significant motor qualities of students building profiles static orientation
Solovev G.M., Kashin S.N. Conducting directions of realization of educational functions of physical training in educational establishments of the ministry of internal affairs of Russia
Grigoriev O.A., Parfenov M.V., Kochergin V. V. The content and structure of self-knowledge in the process of physical education students
Akishin B.A., Jusupov R.А., Golovina V.A. The organization of student's self-training in physical culture study under reforming high school

Physical education in Universities
Volkova L.M., Golubev A.A., Mitenkova V.L. Physical training in students of the professional qualification of a civil aviation pilot and specialized hundred technosphere safety
Chumakov B.N. Safety as psychophysiological basis of preparation for future professional teacher activity

Serova L. K. The general criteria for predisposition to sports
Vlasova S.V., Ponomarev G.N. Vibration sensation thresholds evaluation in athletes
Rassohin V.F. Notes to the reasons of the decline of Spartan success in gymnastic events at the Olympic games
Rudenko S.A The acrobatics training of 6-7-year-old children based on the uttering method
Germanov G. N., Korolkov A. N., Maskayeva T. Y., Mashoshina I. V., Smorchkov V. A., Shalaginov V. D. Psychoemotional factors of sporting achievements in rescue and fire fighting sport
Karim Salam Mohammed Hussein Karim, Kashkarov V.A. The study of the relationship coach and parents in the process of training young athletes-martial artists
Moskvin N. G., Kalina I. G., Golovin V. V. Methods of vizualization are in karate
Korolkov A. N., Germanov G. N., Shalaginov V. D., Smorchkov V. A., Mashoshina I. V. Expert bases for development of the industry standard of sports preparation in fire and applied sport
Kutsenko J. E., Tarasova L.V. Correlation of physical fitness of young gymnasts aged 6-8 years.

Borsyakov Y.I., Nikihin S.V., Sotnikova M.A. The spirit and the body in the Chinese mythological and philosophical culture
Lotonenko A.V., Molodykh J.S., Lotonenko A. A., Danilov M. S. Category of needs and activities in the field of physical culture
Khutornaya M.L., Abdulina L.V. To the question about the study of subjectivity genesis

Sports medicine, physical recreation and AFC
Kartisheva S.I. Features of impact of process of training on the psychophysiological status of frosh
Sedochenko S.V., Chernykh A.V., Hermanov G.N. Research of dynamics of parameters of test PWC170 at tennis players of 9 years
Bushma T.V., Zuykova E.G., Volkova L.M. Physical performance of students of 1 course engaged in aerobics
Panfilov O.P., Borisova V.V., Dubrovin V.A., Davidenko V.N. Antropoekobioritmologichesky model as adaptive and rehabilitation system in educational process of persons with special needs for development
Grigoriev A.I. Psycho-hygienicas pectso for ganization of teaching process bytheteacherof physical culture
Liventsev D. V. Health and nutrition on the ships of the Russian navy
Grosheva E.S., Popova O.A. Hyperreactivity of bronchial tubes as the contributing factor of asthma development of physical effort at students who are actively playing sports
Zherdev V.N., Timofeev A.N. Ecological education as form of promotion of the healthy lifestyle and harmonious development of the personality
Bychenkov S.V., Lekarev V.V. Creation of textbooks, «physical culture» for students actual problem time


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