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Russian version SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL ISSN 1999-3455

Physical culture and health. - 2017. - Vol. 61. - Issue 1.

Electronic version of the Journal: fizkultura_2017_v61_N1.pdf

Content of the Journal:

The space of physical culture and sports
Filimonova S. I., Stradze A.E., Kazakova V.M. Professional sport-black hole modern space of physical culture and sports p.3-7
Filippova S. N., Egoshina V. I., Matveev U.A. Physical rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy based on determining the rate of formation of the cerebral motor programs p.7-11
Volkov V.К., Kozlov V.I., Kramskoy S.I., Savinkova O.N. On the prevention of the crisis of the Olympic movement p.11-14
Kimeisha B.V., Kovalchuk O.G. Complex development of students physical qualities in track and field athletics training sessions p.14-19
BorisovaA.F., MudrievskayaE.V., Fedoseeva N.Y. Helthier kinds of gymnasticsin students physical educationin higher education p.19-22
Stradze A.E., Filimonova S. I., Filimonova Уu.B. Perspectives of the discipline of "Physical culture" in conditions of modernization of education p.22-25
Berezkin D. A., Liventsev D. V. Sports movement in Voronezh in 1945 – 1949 p.25-28
Ivanov D.A., Alzhanov H.H. Experimental verification of the abilities of students to use martial arts elements in non-standard conditions p.28-31
Ovchinnikov Yu. D., Lazari O. G., Kolbasin, V. V. The question of the admission of children with karate p.31-34
Oganjanov A.L., Lomov A.A., Khalutina E. N. Innovative methods of control of the special physical training of athletes-jumpers p.34-37
Dyachenko Y.N., Dyachenko G. B. Biomechanical evaluation criteria of shock technique in billiards p.37-39
Potapov S.A. Evaluation of the intensity of competitive activity of skiers-racers high-order bits p.39-42
Savin S.V., Stepanova O.N. Methods of functional (fitness) training mature women p.42-46
Nikulin I.N., Darbinjan M.A. Major trends for improving All-Russian armwrestling competition rules p.46-48
Vaisov K.M., Mudrievskaya E.V. Physical fitness of students early stage training in combating "sambo" p.48-50
Bucharin W.A., Danilov M.S., Levenkov A.E. The use of electromagnetic devices to correct the health of the players p.50-53
Ayzyatullova G. R., Sakharnova T. K. Comparative analysis of the performance skills of students 15-17 years of St. Petersburg in the discipline "gymnastics" (regional stage of the olympiad on physical culture) p.53-56

Physical-sports complex GTO
Filimonova S. I.,Sabirov I. A., Grishina T. S. Review of the implementation of the project and the TRP VFSK new edition under "Rifle" p.56-59

Samsonova A.V., Borisevich M.A., Barnikova I.E. Factors affectingthe mechanical properties of human skeletal muscles p.59-62

Physical culture
Vilenskiy M. Y. The educational value of physical culture in higher education: contents, properties, functions p.62-67
Gilev G. A., Katkova A.M., Maksimov N.E. Influence of occupations physical culture on informative ability of the individual p.67-69
Pokrovskaya T,Yu., Akishin B.A., Gostev V. N., The healthy lifestyle forming on physical culture classes for students of technical university p.69-72
BobrovaG.V. Classification extracurricular forms of employment in the structure of physiical training cadets p.72-76
Sheveleva I. N., Melnikova O. A., Fadina, O. O., Emmert, M. S. Organization of physical education in the university on the basis student-centered approach p.76-79
Gretz I.A., Arod E.S., Bulkova T. M. The study of middle-aged men`s lifestyle and motivation to go in for physical culture and sport p.79-82
Ivanov D.A., Alzhanov H.H. Experimental verification of the effect of of physical culture lessons with elements of martial arts on the physical fitness of of schoolchildren p.82-84
Astafiev K. A., Gotovtsev E.V., Novikov Y.N. Analysis of scientific views on the process of development of physical qualities among cadets and students of educational institutions p.84-90

Scientists argue, offer
Nikitin S. N., Nikiforov N. V. Physical culture: language for exchange of information is russian p.90-93

Value of health in personality development
Shcherbakov V.G., Nazarova N.N. Cultural dimension of formation physical culture individual student p.93-100

Sports medicine, physical recreation and AFC
Tarabrina N. Yu. Evaluation of the effectiveness of rhythmic gymnastics in the correction of functional status of students are overweight p.100-102
Kuzmin V. G., Panov S. Y., Filippov V. N., The analysis of the dynamics of flight of the basketball p.102-104
Chernyaev V.V., Drepin V.V., Danilov M.S., About relationship static endurance violations locomotor students of pedagogical university p.104-108
Komacheva O.A., Bulkova T. M., Sitkina M. G. Physical education in the structure of free time of children of preschool age p.108-110
Belyaev V. S., Bezzubov A.A., Chernogorov D. N., Nazarova I.V. Disgarmonichnost of the modern physical development of children of 9-11 years p.110-114
Kubishkina T.V., Rubtsova I.V. The problem of healthy nutrition for overweight students p.114-117
Sukhanov A.A., Rubin V. S. Prevention of age-related diseases of the cardiovascular system and the musculoskeletal system of mature age women means involved of improving physical training p. 117-120
Kuznetsov S.I., Zyazina V.O., Ovsyannikova V. V. Health – the main value of the person p.120-123


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