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Russian version SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL ISSN 1999-3455

Physical culture and health. - 2013. - Vol. 43. - Issue 1.

Content of the Journal:

Semenov N.I., Sharahudinova A.Yu. Performance evaluation of a year-long dvuhciklovogo build skilled skiers and riders in the far north
Gross I.L. Formation of the psycho-physiological qualities influencing on results of high-speed firing
Grigoriev S.K., Lavrichenko V.V. Building developmental microcycle junior footballers including differentiation exercises segment workout microblocks unidirectional exercise
Semenov N.I., Tjulicheva Al.Yu. Use of music in the course of training of sportsmen
Akishin B.A., Pokrovskaya T.Yu., Khamidullina L.T., Blokhin S.A. History of formation and armsport's promoting among student's youth in Knitu-Kai
Novikov V.A., Tsaralunga V.V. Sports hunting and its influence on dynamics of numerosity of the natatorial game in the conditions of degradation of grounds
Simonova E.A., Ivanova S.V. Coach's attitude towards the state of residentiary physical education
Lobachev V.V., Alavi Haydar M. Alavi Psychology formation of tolerance of arab students at Russian universities in the process of sports
Chernyaev V.V., Drepin V.V. Education and evaluation static endurance students during callanetic exercises

Professional Education
Aksenov V.P., Savenkova O.N., Kulikova T.А., Filatova N.А., Gusev S.V. Features of educational space in successive communication college-high school

Psychological and pedagogical aspects of physical culture
Goryachev V.V. Body image in the system of world image in schoolchildren
Popov A.V. Impact properties of individual players on the characteristics of compatibility, teamwork and efficiency of game interactions
Moskvin N.G., Sadykova G.S., Egorov V.A. Physical and spiritual development of personality - the basis of physical education

Physical education abroad
Lobachev V.V., Al-Battauj G.A. Foreign experience in the development of physical education in Iraq

Health, sports medicine, and adaptive physical education
Antoniuk S.D. Integrative functions of the adaptive physical education
Tsipin L.L., Zakharov F.E. The estimation of athlete's dynamic muscle strength according to the indicators of their electrical activity
Chernogorov D.N., Nikitin S.E. The impact of body-building on fitness shape of 15-17 years old youths
Goginava S.E., Rumba O.G. Conjugate impact of workloads with aerobic and anaerobic nature in health-improving classes for students
Khalikov G.Z., Konovalov I.E., Mutaeva I.Sh. Management and control of the training process runners middle and long distance based on research of the functional and psychoemotional state
Petrenko M.Ya. The use of exercise in rehabilitation after hip replacement surgery
Kuznetsov S.I., Struk Y.V., Shirokix U.V., Yakusheva O.A Particularities of acute coronary syndrome in patients with different degrees of physical training
Kuznetsov I.V., Grigoreva I.V., Volkova E.G., Lotonenko V.N. Of the specific influence of the character muscle work activities higher parts of the nervous system
Lotonenko A.V., Lotonenko A.A. Objective factors that determine the need for rehabilitation activities

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