Журнал Известия ВГПУ
Russian version SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL ISSN 1999-3455

Physical culture and health. - 2014. - Vol. 49. - Issue 2.

Content of the Journal:

To Victory Day is dedicated
Filonenko N.V. Armored troops of the Voronezh front in battles against the German-Hungarian invaders in September 1942

The Journal is 10 years old!
Lotonenko A.V., Scherbakova I.B. The Journal "Physical culture and health" is 10 years old!

The club "Memory" of the VSU
Selemenev V.F. The club "Memory" of the VSU – the heroic traditions of our veterans

Sports law
Alekseev S.V., Gostev R.G. Actual theoretical and practical problems of settlement sports disputes

Physical education
Ponomarev G.N. Physical culture in educational space of Russia: trends
Vilensky M.Ya., Masalova O.Yu. The valuable students' attitude to self-development in physical culture
Kyblahov A.M., Kolosova L.A., Kyblahov M.M. Modern conditions of practice-centered teaching students shooting
Kostiukov V.V., Glazing A.M., Alalvani T.M., Ktaiman K.D., Kostiukova O.N. An application of year-lasting training spells in basketball and street ball in a physical education of students
Chernyaev V.V., Zaitsev O.I. Formation personal competencies of students in educational process on physical training

Physical training
Popov F.I., Zasyadko K.I., Lotonenko A.A. Research-theoretical basis of influence special physical training indicators for professional and psychological preparedness aircrew

Liventsev D.V. At the dawn of Voronezh football
Popov A.V. Factors of increase teamwork football players of high qualifications team
Dvorkin L.S., Stepanov S.V., Dvorkina N.I. Age-sex factor structure features presentation powerspeed species in shock oriental martial arts
Karpenko L.A., Kholopova S.A. To the question about methodics of training acrobatic supports in aesthetic group gymnastics
Tarasova L.V. Direction of training influences in the annual cycle training of qualified archers
Bindusov E.E. History of domestic gymnastics
Dyachenko N.A., Kosmin I.V., Hamid Jamal Abdulkarim Hamid. Systematic approach to the use of simulators in a special strength training in the sport
Akishin B.A., Yusupov R.A. The present state and prospects of student sport development in Kazan after Universiada-2013

Modelling in sports
Kuzmin V.G., Ulitin I.B., Ulitin B.I., Kuznetsova S.V. Innovation mathematical models and graph method in scientific-pedagogical research in physical culture and sports

Anniversary of the scientist V.M. Tumantsev
On the anniversary of the scientist and leader V.K. Pelmenev

Sports medicine (reabilitation, LFC и AFC)
Gorelov A.A., Rumba O.G., Kuleshova M.V. The need to involve the students with violations of health to additional sports employment
Verikovsky V.A., Kuznetsov S.I., Zyazina V.O. Achievements and prospects of cardioligy department of the Voronezh Regional Clinical Hospital №1
Rumba O.G., Zhovan G.F. Analysis of the results of the pedagogical supervision on physical education classes with students of special medical groups

Physical recreation
Filimonova S.I., Lavrik S.A., Filimonova Yu.B. Problems of space and recreational nature of physical culture and sports
Vengerova N.N. Integration sports and recreation technologies in educational process physical culture primary school
Kuzmin V.G., Sirazeeva A.S. Sports tourism in physical education

Coordinational abilities of childrens
Vaysvalavichene V.Yu. Motor-coordination abilities as a means of schooling relevant functions have preschool children

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