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Russian version SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL ISSN 1999-3455

Physical culture and health. - 2014. - Vol. 50. - Issue 3.

Content of the Journal:

Sports law
Alekseev S.V., Gostev R.G. Labour relations in sport: legal regulation of life insurance and health of sportsmen and coaches

Oganjanov A.L., Zhigalov A.V. Assessment of speed and power of preparedness of athletes using accelerometry
Gareev D.R. Simulation of motor actions in middle-distance running
Golovko N.G., Bozhuk T.N. Processes of recovery of repiratory and cardiovascular systems and loading control at training session
Dashaev K.A. Dynamics of teenagers' physical preparedness and health in the process of beach volleyball studies
Kuznetsov I.V., Valiev S.K., Kulikov I.P. Peculiarities of training of football team in a period of fundamental training
Retyunskikh (Zlobina) M.E. Program of physical training for students
Maaev Kh.K. Final results of beach volleyball term studies
Hameed Jamal Abdul Kareem Hameed. Evaluation trainee leading muscle groups throw using local exercise
Dyachenko N.A., Levanina I.A. Substantiation of fast edge change methods in alpine skiing with energy bend skis using
Stebletsov E.A. Typology support interaction
Germanov G.N., Sabirova I.A., Sedchenko S.V., Chernykh A.V. Research of measuring of stability of parameters of stability of "making" of shooters-rifleman
Rodin A.V., Germanov G.N., Pavlov E.A. Use of the method of game tasks in the course of individual technical and tactical training of young basketball players

Pedagogical technologies
Kashko T.V. Motivation to learn humanities and physical training of students of universities of Emercom of Russia
Perepelkina Zh.V., Tscheprasova T.V. The improvement of quality of training of a creatively thinking physical education specialist in the process of using internet resources
Rabee Montasser Abdulzahra Rabee. Pedagogical technology of organization of independent activity of foreign students at the faculty of physical сulture
Korotaeva O.V. The influence of the cheerleading on the physical and functional development students of higher educational institutions

Scientific consultations
Nikitin S.N., Kirillova E.G., Pakhomov U.M., Nikitina N.S., Shevelov А.Е. Methods development purposive of the function symmetry motor training

Ecological education
Zherdev V.N., Timofeev A.N. Modern aspects of environmental education in the light of the new educational paradigm

Physical culture in school
Vaysvalavichene V.Y. Modular approach to training preschool children to learn in school of physical culture

Scientific conferences
Kramskoy S.I., Amelchenko I.A. Physical education and sport in high educational organizations

Socialization and individualization
Gorelov A.A., Rumba O.G. On the problem of familiarization of a growing person with the adult world (socialization and individualization) by means of motion activity games

Cultural values and playing consciousness
Kostina I.B. Cultural norms and social regulations in educational practice

Sports medicine (reabilitation, LFC и AFC)
Zyazina V.O., Kuznetsov S.I., Belov V.N. Arrhythmia: mechanisms and causes of development
Andreenko T.A., Tkacheva E.G., Chomutova E.V., Zyuzkov V.A. Methodical bases of creation of medical control for basketball players
Golovko N.G., Lotonenko A.V., Trunin V.V. Mobilization readiness for starts
Korotkova S.B., Aparin V.E., Gridneva I.V., Harina M.V. Physical rehabilitation оf patients with metabolic syndrome
Kuznetsov S.I., Belov V.N., Volodinа O. P., Zyazina V.O. Prediction arrhythmic syndrome with functional studies of patients with acute coronary syndromes

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