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Russian version SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL ISSN 1999-3455

Physical culture and health. - 2014. - Vol. 51. - Issue 4.

Content of the Journal:

Sports law
Alekseev S.V., Gostev R.G. Sports advertising in the marketing of sports and sporting events

Dissertational investigations
Baranov V.N., Shustin B.N. Development of dissertation works on personnel preparation and qualification in the sphere of physical culture and sport in country

Sports kinesiology
Stebletsov E.A. Analytical basis of the theory of reference interaction

Sports loading
Golovko N.G., Kramskoy S.I. Modeling of sport loadings and conditions of realization of runner's maximum record result
Filimonova S.I., Novikova E.J., Lotonenko A.A. Conversion of physical culture and sports in Russia
Vaylseva E.D., Smotrova I.V., Pankratova A.K. Environmental management in physical culture and sports
Sabirova I.A., Filimonova S.I., Germanov G.N., Volodin А.A. A meta-approach to sports training arrows in the multi-year process
Radchenko O.V., Gnilomedov R.A., Krestnykov V.M., Borzech S.E., Matveev E.E. Pressing questions of perfection physical training in the penal system
Lotonenko A.V., Golovko N.G., Bugakov A.I. Basic methods of "modes" physical activity
Aksenov V.P., Filatova N.A., Kozyreva S.R. GTO-complex in the physical training system formation and the population of the Russian federation sports development
Oganjanov A.L., Zhigalov A.V. The experimental method of current control jump and force readiness skilled jumpers in length

Pedagogical technologies
Eremina E.I. The development of students' self-learning motivation

History of sport
Liventsev D.V. Mass sport in the Pacific Fleet in the 20–30s of the XX century
Bezuglov A.M. The becoming of the Voronezh district society for rescue at water
Korobchuk A.O. Water competitions of the Petrovsky Voronezh yacht-club at 1912

Sports orienteering
Sevastyanov V.V., Kulikov I.P. Possibilities of use orienteering in physical education of students in higher educational institutions

Physical training and education
Chernopyatov A.V. Problems of physical training of children and adolescents in the pedagogy of the Russian diaspora (1920-1940)
Solovjev G.M., Kashin S.N. The conceptual approach in education learning youth in the field of physical training

Physical recreation
Gorelov A.A., Kondakov V.L., Rumba O.G., Goginava S.E. The content of the health-improving technologies to improve the body's resistance to adverse factors of environment and education of student youth
Vinokurov A.A. Motivation for doing of physical exersises at regime of work and after recovering of workers of local administration
Moskvin N.G., Gumerov R.A. Moral motivation of children and teenagers for doing karate

Games activities
Vershinin M.A., Finogenova N.V. Motor activity gaming orientation as a means of emotional development of preschool children

Sports medicine, physical recreation and AFC
Kartysheva S.I. The analysis of health saving technologies and their role in educational process
Zolotukhin O.V., Anosova Yu.A., Madykin Yu.Yu., Kochetov M.V. Technology preservation of health in the training of doctors
Germanov G.N., Mashoshina I.V., Vasenin G.A. The growth rates of the indicators of physical development, functional and physical training of schoolchildren in different periods age development
Horobi A.Y., Tretyakov A.A. Analysis of the health of girls who are studying in universities of the city of Belgorod
Samodai V.G., Kuznetsova V.P., Kirchanov V.A., Khe A.A., Khe M.V. Analysis of complications after hip joints
Aliyev N.R., Shcherbinina Y.L. General physical training of the mentally retarded adolescents at the initial stage of training in powerlifting
Zhovan G.F., Rumba O.G. About the advisability of working out the program of raising the level of skills addressed to physical education instructors, who work in the special education department
Gosteva S.S., Gosteva S.R. Novelty for sports managment (review)

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