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Russian version SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL ISSN 1999-3455

Physical culture and health. - 2013. - Vol. 44. - Issue 2.

Content of the Journal:

Humanitarian approach to education in high school
Shiminа A.N., Kostina I.B. Humanitarian approach to education as a key resource of innovative development
Masalova O.Yu., Vilensky M.Ya. Methodology of the axiology of formation on physical training at the higher school
Gorelov A.A., Kondakov V.L., Rumba O.G. About sport and health-improving technologies, their structure concerning to the educational process in universities
Gorobey A.Yu., Kondakov V.L., Tretyakov A.A. Physical activity in the life of the students of the humanitarian university
Khramov V.V. The use of multimedia didactic tool at physical culture lessons

Sports medicine, physical recreation, AFC
Nikitin S.N., Apoijko R.N., Zverev V.D., Afanasejv A.A., Vorobev S.A., Kochergina A.A., Ustinov I.E. Quantative assessment of monosensor load via vestibular subsystems in process of motion activity (an example sumbo)
Aralova M.V. Way of life as prevention of trophic ulcers of the bottom extremities
Kuznetsov S.I., Chumakova O.V. Tolerance assessement to physical activity at patients with diffusion coronary atherosclerosis
Struk Yu.V., Kuznetsov S.I., Platonov V.S., Mozgunova I.S. Work rehabilitation and quality of life of the chronic haemodialysis patients
Shanina T.A., Shanina A.A. Source, specificity and tendency of developing club dance as a kind of physical and recreational activities
Danilov M.S., Levenkov A.E., Kulikov I.P. Particularly the incidence of students specialization "football" in the gymnastic school
Lobov A.N., Sychev V.S. Manual asymmetry of swimmers of 8-26 year
Korobchuk A.O. The skating-rink of the Voronezh Petrovsky yacht-club
Soboleva T.S., Sobolev D.V., Chernuchina O.V. Sex dimorphsm in women's sport
Nikitin A.А., Deryabina G.I. Study the relationship between the physical, psychological, mental and physical and respiratory capacity as a result of a complex technique of adaptive physical culture preschool children 5-7 years old who have mental retardation
Solodjannikov V.A., Рonyrko E.A., Liuik L.V. Complex application of improving kinds of gymnastics for change asymmetry of power indicators of students of high schools with face-to-face infringements bearings
Tolstykh A.L., Kuznetsova V.P., Kirchanov V.A. Injury of shoulder joint structures variants caused by trumatic shoulder dislocation

Bindusov E.E., Lagutin A.B. On the prospects of the gymnastics development in Russia
Kozlov Y.E., Yezhov A.V. Dynamics of indicators of physical preparation of 11-14 years old footballers while improving ball keeping technique based on asymmetric development of motories
Vinnichenko A.V. Exercises for the development of coordination abilities of young basketball players
Filippova E.V. Sport health-improving tourism as the means of improving of old peoples' imaginative memory

Physical training of military personnel in Russia
Dmitriev P.V. Features of the physical and moral education of the officers in the sea cadet corps
Ponomareva S.V., Chernopyatov А.V., Laptev I.G. Physical education in a holistic system of education cadet corps in Russia XIX-ХХ centuries

Psychology of sports activity
Dvorkina N.I., Trofimova O.S. Influence of occupations by play engine activity on the formation of thinking the children of 6-7 years

Sports law
Gostev R.G., Gosteva S.R. The dynamic development and improving the sports law is an essential component of the response to the challenges of modern sport

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