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Russian version SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL ISSN 1999-3455

Physical culture and health. - 2013. - Vol. 46. - Issue 4.

Content of the Journal:

Congratularion M.Ya. Vilenskiy

Congratulation А.V. Lotonenko

Поздравление И.П. Куликов

Sports law
Alekseev S.V., Gostev R.G. Prerequisites of origination and development of sports law in the Russian Federation

Physical recreation
Lutov A.l., Filimonova S.I., Filimonova J.B. Organization of sport and recreational and leisure activities with difficult teenagers by place of residence
Ponomarev G.N., Kazakevich N.V., Kuzmina S.V. Application areas of child fitness in pre-school educational institutions
Voloshina L.N. Optimization of motor activity of preschool children in the implementation of the game programs and technology
Vaysvalavichene V.Yu., Efimov V.K. On the effectiveness of pre-training in the nursery
Drogomeretskiy V.V., Tretyakov A.А., Mukhin A.V. Negative motives as a deterrent component of the physical activity of mature men, teaching in the university

Samsonova A.V., Barnikova I.E. Effect of strength training on the parameters which determine the volume human skeletal muscle
Voronov V.M., Gorelov A.A. To the problem of predicting the success of athletes in mixed martial arts
Bliznevskij A.Yu., Bliznevskaya V.S. Increase of efficiency in accentuation of basic and supporting sports in the region
Nikiforov N.V. School of combat sports D.P. Korkina, as an institution, the Yakut national wrestling Hapsagay

Designing of a model of scientific and pedagogical practices
Voloshin L.N., Gorelov A.A., Rumba O.G. The problem of leveling contrast deformation processes in modern family
Grets I.A., Mukhina E.V. Pedagogical projection and experimental validation of the model of scientific and pedagogical practice of sports high school undergraduates by identifying their personal dispositions

Physical training of flight crews
Lotonenko A.A., Popov F.I. Physical exercises a way of increasing the stability of the aircrew to the neuro-emotional stress

Sports medicine and AFC
Sevidov V.V., Drogomeretsky V.V., Tretyakov A.A. Formation at students of the faculty of physical culture skills rescue the drowning
Bezryadin S.V. Naval doctors in the fighting fleet
Azarnyh T.D. Posttraumatic stress at juvenile age
Mukina E.Yu., Lerner V.L., Deryabina G.I. Pneumatic simulators in rehabilitation of disabled persons with disabilities of locomotor system
Rumba O.G., Pivneva M.M. Specifics of motion activity of students from special medical groups with limited capacity of cardiovascular system
Balysheva N.V., Bogoeva M.D., Kovaleva M.V., Kopeikina E.N., Rumba O.G. General characteristics of motor activity deficiency of student with cardiorespiratory system impairments
Kuznetsov S.I., Volodinа O.P., Zyazina V.O. Mexidol – from prevention of arrhythmic syndrome in patients with acute coronary syndrome

Health-saving technologies
Dubrovin V.А., Panfilov O.P., Davidenko V.N. System approach to the design and implementation of health-saving technologies of physical education of pupils due to seasonal periods Norilsk Arctic circle
Dimitrenko S.A. Health-preserving technology on the lessons of physics

Professional education
Plotnikova I.E. Problems and prospects of training of doctors in conditions of transition to educational standards of third generation
Soloviev G.M., Kashin S.N. Teaching levels and technological model of the professional qualities of a teacher of physical culture

Round table
Stebletsov E.A. Philosophy basics of the theory of the footing interaction

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