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Russian version SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL ISSN 1999-3455

Physical culture and health. - 2013. - Vol. 47. - Issue 5.

Content of the Journal:

The third international conference
Gorelov A.A., Pelmenev V.K., Lotonenko A.V. The third international scientific conference "Problems of sports education: content, direction, methodology, organization"
Balsevich V.K., Stimulated development of kinesiology human potential
Lubysheva L.I. Concept of olympism in the context of modern sport reality
Pelmenev V.K., Hramov V.V. Methodical requirements for educational computer programs for physical education lessons

Sports law
Alekseev S.V., Gostev R.G. Sports law: sources of regulate physical and sporting activities

Ignatieva V.Ya. Sport training: terms and concepts
Golovko N.G., Kramskoy S.I. Objective, main goals of the training process' planning and practical inferences for sportsmen
Dyachenko N.A., Zamotin T.M. Quantitative criteria for assessing the level of special strength training rowers, canoeists qualifications
Ignatieva V.Ya., Kolupayeva L.V. Physical fitness requirements for handball players
Mohammad Mottaghitalab, Shahrzad Masoumi Analysis of the vertical ground reaction force during landing in Russian paralympic basketball players
Sharahudinova A.Yu. The technique of year-round training skilled skiers and riders living in the far North
Tarasova L.V., Tarasov P.J. Assessment of the current state of qualified bowmen
Shahrzad Masoumi, Mohammad Mottaghitalab Kinetic asymmetry between lower limbs during landing in Russian female paralympic basketball players

Professional and applied physical training
Kuznetsov B.V. The influence of professionally-adaptive physical training on professionally important personal qualities of cadets

Sports training: in search of a new breakthrough
Golovko N.G., Kramskoy S.I. Modeling of tendency of a rhythm's differentiated vacillation of contrasting loads in runners' lessons

Implementation of loads in the children's tennis
Ivanova G.P., Bilenko A.G., Zhang Siaotcuan Realization of stroke loads sequential principle on a child's organism in tennis
Mokrousov-Kuchuk E.S. Modernstabilometeric instrumental means of study of functional-motional condition of children for sport selection in table tennis

From the history of the development of physical culture
Minakov A.S. History of military-technical military sports in-stock company Voronezh region in the pre-war period (20-40-years of the 20th century).

Business in sport
Kandaurova N.V. The concept, trend and problems of development of entrepreneurial activities in sports schools
Shevchuk A.A., Tikhonchuk A.A., Burdastyh A.I. Efficiency of self-management for physical working capacity and to development of physical qualities of students of sports and military higher education institutions

Sports medicine, physical recreation and AFC
Danilov M.S., Levenkov A.E. Interconnection of circulatory system and muscular system states of football players
Kuznetsov S.I., Volodinа O.P., Zyazina V.O. Role of functional studies in predicting arrhythmic syndrome in patients with acute coronary syndrome
Bezryadin S.V. The naval doctors care about the health of the lower ranks at the fleet
Мezhova L.A. Inclusive excursion and recreational activities as an element of social adaptation of youth
Ryazancev A.S. Factors and conditions of tourism and physical recreation the Voronezh region
Begidova T.P., Pushkine S.A., Barmin G.V., Akindinova Y.V. Doing adapted sports in rehabilitation for the disabled
Altantsetseg Lhagvasuren, Gundegmaa Lhagvasuren. Comparative analysis morphofunctional indices of school children Mongolia

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