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Russian version SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL ISSN 1999-3455

Physical culture and health. - 2015. - Vol. 52. - Issue 1.

Electronic version of the Journal: fizkultura_2015_v52_N1.pdf

Content of the Journal:

All-Russian sports complex GTO
Yevseyev S.P., Evseeva O.E., Filimonova S.I., Pelykh E.Y. Implementation of the national sports complex GTO among students of special medical groups
Patrina M.V., Sychev A.V., Deryabina G.I. The revival of the modern complex of the TRP-based polyathlone

Sports loading
Karelin A.A. Wrestling in school
Filimonova S.I., Stolov I.I., Grishina T.S. The dialectics of training sports reserve
Golovko N. G., Trunin V.V., Lotonenko A.V. Models of sports sessions and constant time of current body's adaptive response of runner
Golovko N.G., Kramskoy S.I. Modeling of sport loadings and conditions of realization of runner's maximum record result
Kornilov A.N., Belyaev V.S., Evstyuhina N.A. Innovative approaches at estimation oftechnique of implementation of exercises in weightlifting
Sabirova I.A., Germanov G.N., Volodin A.A., Volodin A.M. Structure of motive readiness athletes-shooters of various qualification
Sevastyanov V. V. Orienteering and professional activity of land surveyors – comparison and analysis of technical actions
Germanov G.N., Mashoshina I.V., Sabirova El.F. Improvement of technology of run of the sprinters who are trained in student's groups sports improvement
Kuzmenko G. A. Hierarchy of intellectual, regulative capabilities and volitional powers exertion in teenager`s sports activity
Gladyshev D.A, Vishnyakov A.V. The main provisions of the workouts in the process of long-term preparation of young athletes
Radchenko O. V., Astafiev K. A., Gnilomedov R. A. Technology development strength, speed and endurance at high school students of the federal penitentiary service of Russia

Sports kinesiology
Stebletsov E.A. Ontology support impact

Physical culture space
Lotonenko A. V., Bugakov A. I., Filimonova S. I., Lotonenko A. A. Physical recreation in space physical culture
Bankina L. V. Philosophical ideas in the development of the theory of physical culture

Physical culture
Vilensky M. J. The problem of goal-setting in the theory and practice of physical education students
Fedorov V.G., Krylov A.I. Physical culture in the formation of the general culture of students
Volkova L. M., Bosma T. C., Volkov C. Yu., Zuikova E. G. Computer technology in the classroom on physical culture at the university
Zagrevskaya A.I. The impact of integrative activities on the motor skills of the students in terms of sports education
Grigorieva E.L., Boychova O. L. Problems of the integration of family and school physical training by the teacher

Sports medicine, physical recreation and AFC
Krilov V.N., Seleznev V.V. The influence of the drug «Stimol» on the lactate level in the blood of highly-qualified swimmers during restoration swimming
Kulkova I. V. Effective means of correction of physical readiness of children with developmental disorders in preschool educational institutions
Krotova V. Y., Molodych Y. S. The method of biological feedback in the prevention disorders of posture in children of preschool age
Lutchenco N. G., Perevoznikova N. I., Volkov V. Y., Volkova L. M. The dynamics of the functional state of the basketball players aged 20-39 years in terms of the fitness club
Ryabinin S.V. Samoday V.G., Polessky M.G. Greater trochanteric pain (review)

Sport tourism
Filippova E. V. Dynamics of the index of biological age of the elderly in the process of exercise wellness


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