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Russian version SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL ISSN 1999-3455

Physical culture and health. - 2015. - Vol. 53. - Issue 2.

Content of the Journal:

Education in physical culture
Belyaev V. S., Nikolaeva N. I. State educational standards in the sphere of physical culture and sports: problems of formation in accordance with the competence-based approach
Filimonova S. I., Lotonenko A. A., Bygakov A. I., Lotonenko A. V., Stolov I. I. Physical recreation is an important part of the motor field in the space of physical culture and sports

Philosophical aspects of physical culture
Borsyakov Y. I., Korovin S. V. Game space as a phenomenon of understanding of the spiritual and physical culture
Prikhodko S.V. The spiritual and physical freedom as self personality
Kostina I. B. Reflexive aspects of educational activity

Shestakov V. B. Using of martial arts to create social change: the transition from theory to practice (for example, Sambo)
Apoyko R. N. Dynamics of number of victories on hulk in structure of competitive activity of high-class fighters
Tsandykov V. E. The testing program "Wrestling as the third lesson of physical culture"
Gorelov A.A., Voronov V.M., Sushchenko V.P. On spiritual and moral determinants in the initial training of athletes specializing in mixed martial arts
Germanov G.N.,Smorchkov V. A., Mashoshina I. V. Planning of training tasks of the high-speed and power orientation in occupations by saving sport cadets of GPS Institutes of Emercom of Russia
Moskvin N. G., Grigo V. M., Salamashkina N. V. TRIZ as a method of conflict resolution in sports
Vyaltseva E.D., Slozhenitsina L.V., Pankratova A.K. Positive dynamics of modern management in sport
Troshev D. B., Kramskoy I. S., Kramskoy S. I., Amelchenko I. A. Efficiency increasing of the safety measures at sports competitions
Ktaiman H.J., Kostyukova O.N., Kostyukov V.V. Training of young basketball players of Iraq to the main competition of the season
Zuev V. N., Nasonov V. V., Ivanov V. A. Extensive training in extreme sports among the youth of the community, in conditions of infrastructure development stagnation

Physical culture of youth
Evseev Yu. I., Denisov E. A. The physical culture, sports and tourism as factors of selfrealization
Bashshar Al Buthabahak Methods indefinition of motional capability of young football players of middle school age
Ankudinov N. V, Radchenko O. V., Astafiev K. A., Gnilomedow R. A. Description of the factors of the initial period of study at universities in prisons, essential for physical training
Butko M. A. To the problem of shortage of physical activity for children of primary school age
Alalvany T., Kostyukova O.N., Kostyukov V.V. The structure and content of Semester non-academic classes basketball students high school in the Arab countries
Kuleshova M.V., Rumba O.G. On the application potential of the resources of «Physical culture» subject for simultaneous solution of students socialization and health improvement problems
Trifonov A. N., Gaevskaya O. V. Formation of the students the need in the physical improvement

Sports medicine, physical recreation and AFC
Germanov G.N., Nikitushkin V.G., Voitovich D.I. Technology of block and modular construction sports occupations of basketball players students the main educational office on the basis motive tasks
Galkin Y. P., Paletskiy D. F., Bulkova T. M. Physical culture in the structure of workers' leisure time
Yazepova O. V., Strizhak A. P., Matveev Yu. A. The influence of the technology of physical training on the development of coordination abilities of students of educational institutions of water transport
Solovev G.M., Kashin S.N. Some problems and perspective directions perfection of process of teaching physical training
Chernyshova I.V. Interrelation of psychological health and design students' development of art potential
Sizova T.V. Influence on rhythmic gymnastics classes level musical culture of students
Grosheva E.S., Kartysheva S.I. Features of eating disorders student, Voronezh state pedagogical university
Fursov P.V., Chesnokov P.E., Antonenkov Y.E. Accounting medical social characteristics of patients undergoing vascular surgery of lower limbs, during the occupation of the rapeutic physical culture
Alilueva N.A. Health care of Russian prisoners of war in Constantinople during the Crimean war
Liventsev D. V. Health and nutrition on the ships of the Russian navy
Gilev G. A., Romanovsky S. K. Physical and functional readiness of students of special and of basic medical groups
Aparin V.E., Gridneva I.V., Harina M.V. Evaluation of the functional condition of patients with develop rehabilitation programs
Vadiukhin P. S., Vadiukhina S.L. The impact of a differentiated approach to the development of physical skills of preschool age children with different types of nervous system
Dzhaubaev Y.A., Dzhukaev A.A. The functional training of young football players in the mountainsmiddle
Bezuglov A.M. The development of the Voronezh district society for rescue at water in the late XIX-th century

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