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Russian version SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL ISSN 1999-3455

Physical culture and health. - 2017. - Vol. 62. - Issue 2.

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Content of the Journal:

The space of physical culture and sports
Filimonova S.I., Stradze A.E., Stolov I.I.,Korolkov A.N. The main determinants of management training sports reserve space in physical culture and sports (factor analysis) p.3-7
Lotonenko A.A. , Lotonenko A. V., Molodykh J. S., Bugakov N. I., Babaitsev S.V. The all-Russian physical culture and sports complex GTO in the space of pedagogical system of formation of physical culture of personality p.7-11

Krylov A.I., Vinogradov E.O. The study of the dynamic characteristics of the strokes of freestyle swimmers of high qualification p.12-15
Volkova A.N. Pedagogical conditions of promoting the Olympic sports among teenagers and the ways of their implementation p.16-18
Dvorkin L.S., Nazarenko N.A. Influence of athletic gymnastics on the formation of psychological-pedagogical the properties of the individual students p.19-21
Yezhova A. V., Builova L. A., Kozlov Y. E., Kryukova O. N. Criteria for selection of young volleibolists on the basis of special training p.22-24
Belyaev V. S., Khokhlova L. O., Bezzubov A. A. Training load athletes cheerleader during the preparation year cycle p.25-29
Solovev M. M., Maslennikov A.V. Performance and structure of motive activity of football referees p.30-33
Ulitin I.B., Kuzmin V.G., Ulitin B.I., Pyatov E.D., Orlova E.A. Modern approaches to the evaluation of the functional state of the athlete p.34-38
Nirka V.V., Kostyukov V.V., Kolesnikova E. A., Kostyukova O.N. Long-term dynamics of efficiency and effectiveness of competitive actions high-skilled players in beach volleyball p.39-42
Pomerantsev A. A., Korshikov V. M., Sychev V. S., Shklyarov V. B.Sveshnikov A. I. Motion asymmetry of running p.43-47
Kovalchuk O. G., Kimeisha B. V., Stratilatova E. N. Quantification of additional means loads of educational and training classes of the track and field block method p.48-52
Privalov A.V. The implementation of the spatial field in terms of play activities in football p.53-55

Physical-sports complex GTO
Fursov A. V., Sinyavskiy N. I., Vlasov V.V. Monitoring of physical readiness of schoolboys i-v forms on the basis of tests GTO p.56-60
Sinyavskiy N. I., Fursov A. V., Tiunova T. A., Ivanov K. G. About students' attitude to physical exercises in the educational establishment p.60-63
Bobkov V.V., Chechelnitskaya S.M. The method of selection of students with disabilities to the GTO p.64-66
Churikova L.N., Sabirova I. A., Lotonenko, V.N. Test of selecting running at the ski to VFSК GTO p.67-69
Kovаlеvа О.S., Mudrievskaya E.V., Osipov S.V. Characteristics of readiness of students to fulfill the standards of the GTO p.70-72

Stebletsov E. A., Kasaev V. N., Karataev Y. L. Biomechanical criteria of quality of performance of motor actions p.73--75

Professional training of students
Kuznetsov B.V., Uskov V. M., Nedosekin A. N. The effect of different types of physical exercises on the educational and professional activity of students in universities of MCHS of Russia p.76-79
Marahovskaya O. V., Fadina O.O., Emmert M.S., Pavliutina L.Y. Improving mental status of students of special medical groups during the ski training p.80-82
Mugattarova E. R., Kalmanovich V.L., Bolotnikov A. A., Khairullin R.R. The development of mass sports in мuslim youth p.83-85
Uimanova I.P., Chernikova V. O., Khayrullina D. D., Musina L.a Y., Islulgulov R. R. Physical culture and sport in higher education p.86-88
Mudrievskaya E.V., Grechko А.S., Torgovkina N.S., Sirenko Y.I. Use of the extended exercise method in gymnastics with yoga elements p.89-91

Physical culture in schools
Ponomarev G.N., Volkova N. L. Construction of physical education of schoolchildren with excessive body mass p.92-95

Value of health in personality development
Yusupov Sh. R., Frolova E. V., Kolyasov R.R. Role and place of physical culture and sports in the regional experience of «human capital» formation (on the example of the republic of Tatarstan) p.96-100

Philosophical aspects of physical and spiritual culture
Borsyakov Y. I., Nikishin S. V., Sotnikova M. A. The spirit and the body in Indian philosophical culture p.101-104

Sports medicine, physical recreation and AFC
Solovev G.M. Health of subjects of education as the leader it is system the forming factor of national safety p.105-110
Volkov V. K.,Kozlov V.I., Struk Yu.V. Basics of the constructive theory of adaptation p.111-115
Kuznetsov S.I., Zyazina V.O., Ovsyannikova V. V. Healthy life style in implementation of the professional component of the competence approach in educational process of medical university p.116-118
Grigoriev A. I., Pleshakov A. N. Social and medico-pedagogical aspects of adaptation students of higher education institution p.119-122
Kubishkina T.V., Rubtsova I.V. Standardized walking activity in the system of health improvement measures for special medical care group students p.123-125


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