Журнал Известия ВГПУ
Russian version SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL ISSN 1999-3455

Physical culture and health. - 2013. - Vol. 45. - Issue 3.

Content of the Journal:

The information letter (Kaliningrad)

Gorelov A.А., Noskov M.S., Tretyakov A.A. Features of individualization of training process swimmers-sprinter of the highest qualification

Sports law
Gostev G.R., Gosteva S.R. Legal foundations of professional practice in sport

Professional preparedness of specialists
Zhovan G.F., Rumba O.G. On the professional qualification level of the teachers of physical education working in a special educational department and the need of its improvement
Isaeva K.V. Specificity of formation professional outlook officer of the penitentiary system cadets in institutes of education federal penitentiary service of Russia
Grets G.N., Bagnovskaya P.E. Quantitative assessment of the level of foreign language professional competence of physical culture university students

Management problems
Kandaurova N.V., Nikitushkin V.G. Signs of poor control of the personnel in educational institutions of the sports and sports orientation

Information potential of students
Ershova N.G., Bekasova S.N. The development of the students' information potential during the foreign language studying at the physical training institutes as a factor of minimization of the digital divide

Sports medicine, physical recreation, AFC
Kuznetsova V.P., Kirchanov V.A., Buryakov A.E., Khe M.V. Rehabilitation of patients after endoprosthesis replacement of a hip joint on the base of traumatology and orthopedics in patient unit
Tolstykh A.L., Kuznetsova V.P., Kirchanov V.A. Estimation of shoulder dislocation treatment and rehabilitation efficency
Kafidov I.N. Medico-biological justification of occupations by physical activity and sport of students in higher education institution
Galkin Yu.P. The monitoring of sportsmen foot arches
Tsukanova E.G. Rheographical investigation of peripheral hemodynamics of women specializing in track and field run on 800 meters
Germanov G.N., Kuptsov Yu.A., Tsukanova Е.G. The research of pulse wave velocity as one of the characteristics of peripheral hemodynamics of young and qualified runners on middle-distance running
Nikitin S.N. Criteria and rules of differentiation in the process of moving loads
Pozhidaev S.N., Evseev Yu.I. Health vibration gymnastics
Kulkova I.V. Correlations in the structure of physical readiness visually impaired and hard of hearing junior schoolchildren
Korobchuk A.O. Organization of the Voronezh Petrovsky yacht-club
Gulyaeva O.A. Impact of prenatal methodologies for the preparation of the pregnant woman and her child by means of improving physical culture and psychocorrection
Perepelkina Zh.V. Accounting of personal and psychological characteristics of students of physical education in foreign language teaching

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