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Russian version SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL ISSN 1999-3455

Physical culture and health. - 2014. - Vol. 48. - Issue 1.

Content of the Journal:

Irredeemable gold of Vladislav Rastorotsky

Physical culture and sports in Russia
Gosteva S.S., Gosteva S.R. Physical culture and sport is a dynamically developing branch
Alekseev S.V., Gostev R.G. Topical questions labour management in sport
Glinchikova L.A., Fedulina I.R. Interaction between the educational institutions and employers in training of physical culture experts in region
Kamenkov V.S. Sports injury: legal and other consequences

Mobile game activities of human
Gorelov A.A., Voloshina L.N., Rumba O.G. Active games preschool children in the context of progressive views on socialization and individualization processes of growing person

Physical training of students
Bugakov A.I., Lotonenko A.V., Lotonenko V.N. Physical culture in the real needs of today's students

Physical culture in school
Smelkova E.V., Konovalov I.E. The use of fitness in school, as a factor enhance of motivation for employment by physical culture
Pelmenev V.K.,Khramov V.V. Design of computer programs for educational purposes for lessons of physical education
Golovko N.G., Vernigorenko V.A. Properties of the principle of controlling itself, the golden spiral and the law of the golden section in sports lessons

Parotikov V.A., Rubin M.A. New system of competition – step towards the development of grassroots football
Vernigorenko V.A., Golovko N.G. Level of the implementation of the maximum record result and the physical load of a runner
Tarasova L.V. Analysis of the calendar plan of the sports training of qualified bowmen
Matova E.L. Organization of pedagogical work with students the high school of physical education and sports
Moskvin N.G., Gumerov R.A. The ethics of karate as a tool of parenting personality of teenager

Physical culture in high school
Krylov A.I., Veselkina T.E. Monitoring and correction of students motion activity through interactive information technology
Gilev G.A., Popkov A.I., Romanovsky S.K. Relevance of physical activity of students out of the grid of the educational schedule
Bulkova T.M., Galkin Yu.P. Structure of studies of students of physical culture higher educational establishments in extracurricular and free time
Volkov A.V., Solodovnik A.S., Bushuev S.V. Improvement of methodical training of teachers of physical culture on training in equipment of the top direct giving in volleyball

Physical recreation
Babenko M.E. Research of efficiency of ballroom dancing in formation of adult aesthetic culture

Educational space
Nikitin S.N., Kirillova E.G., Pakhomov U.M., Nikitina N.S. About correlation between education and upbringing in education process
Kornev V.T. Monitoring system for municipal level as a mechanism of quality management education

Sports medicine and physical therapy
Khoroshukha M.F. Submaximal power-ergometric test PWC170 in definition of physical efficiency of young athletes: review of scientific articles of the author
Yurina I.S., Krotova V.Y. Prevention and correction of postural disorders in preschool children, means and methods medical physical training
Mokrousov-Kuchuk E.S. Stabilometeric investigations of functional-motional condition of girls 7-8 years old for initial sport selection in table tennis

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